Agile ADapT® is the culmination of my nearly forty years of industry experience as an IT executive, trainer, coach and consultant, helping organizations leverage technology to improve. I spent the last ten years focusing on how organizations must transform themselves to survive and thrive in a digital age. The start of the journey was initially technology-focused, but ADapT quickly evolved to include an organizational and strategic view, a focus on the customer, how the organization serves customer needs, and how the organization can turn ideas into winning products and services that target specific customer needs effectively and profitably.

The ideas behind ADapT are based on contemporary management literature; Lean and Agile thinking take center stage.

Concepts from design thinking, jobs-to-be done, business model design, product design, marketing and problem-solving techniques are also evident throughout ADapT.

A multinational team of talented experts with diverse skills started contributing, critiquing and testing ADapT concepts and ideas.


“It is no use doing your best. You must first know what to do and how to do it, and then do your best!” William Edwards Deming

The ADapT HEROS - the development & review team (2017-2023)

Here is the talented team who contributed to making ADapT a simple, practical, and easily actionable transformation approach that yields quick results to its users!

Here are the contributors to ADapT over the last 7 years, they are (in surname alphabetical order):  


Contributors from across the globe

Left to right, then top to bottom:
  • Claire Agutter, CEO training company & Chief Architect of VeriSM & SIAM, United Kingdom
  • Melanie Askeland, Senior Service Management Consultant, South Africa (RIP)
  • David Barrow, CEO – Business & Digital Transformation consulting company. United Kingdom
  • Mark Biebuyck, CEO – Business & IT consulting practice, United Kingdom
  • Johann Botha, CEO, Business and Agility Coach and Chief Architect of ADapT, South Africa, Netherlands & Portugal 
  • Peter Brooks, Principal Governance Consultant, United Kingdom
  • David Cannon, Snr VP, Consulting and author of four of the ITIL books, United States of America
  • Richard de Kock, Principal Cloud Strategist, United Kingdom
  • Ivo de Wit, Senior Service Management & Operations Consultant, Netherland
  • Allen Dixon, Service Manager transportation and trucking, United States of America
  • Mark Jan Drenth, Principal Best-practice Trainer, Netherlands
  • Stephanus Engelbrecht, CEO Technology Consulting Company, United Arab Emirates (RIP)
  • Jace Finman, Senior Change Manager, Major US Tech giant, United States of America
  • Nikola Gaydarov, Consultant and Academic, Bulgaria
  • Simon Kent, Consultant and Coach, United Kingdom
  • Maria Kostelac, Strategist and Consultant,  Netherlands
  • Kamales Lardi, Principal Consultant & Coach, Switzerland
  • Krikor Maroukian, Head of Practice (DevOps), Major US Tech company, based in Greece
  • Marc McRay, Senior Architect and Consultant, UK
  • Simone Jo Moore, Business and IT though-leader and coach, France
  • Juergen Mueller, Head of Security & Privacy, Audit & Consulting, based in Belgium
  • Kinda Nejem,  Senior Software Project Manager, France
  • Stephane Reinink, Senior IT Best-practice Consultant,  China
  • Roger Purdie, Principal Best-practice Consultant & Trainer, Australia
  • Kamel Abou Saleh, Senior IT Management Consultant, Turkey
  • Etienne Shardlow, Head of Training and Certification,  South Africa
  • Doug Tedder, Principal Business and Digital Consultant, United States of America
  • Dolf van der Haven, Head of Quality Management, Netherlands
  • Suzanne Van Hove, Business School Professor, United States of America
  • Derek Venter, Entrepreneur, South Africa
  • Sun Zhenpeng, Director of Asia for a major certification provider, China & Netherlands

Thank you for your invaluable contribution!

About AdapT

We use a simple 9-step process to help organizations EXTRACT the organization’s (digital) strategy, EXPLORE what offerings are possible and commercially viable, and EXPAND organizational horizons rapidly by unlocking customer value at scale.



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