Learning to ADapT your organization

So you can also engage with customers in a new and more meaningful way, innovate, solve problems, leverage technology to create new opportunities, be more agile and transform your business

Professional Certification & Credentials


The Certification and Credentialing scheme outlined in the infographic below!

The Agile ADapT™ Professional Training and Certification Scheme helps you understand the Fundamentals of the ADapT approach and help you develop the requisite skills to successfully create organizational agility and transform your business by implementing the ADapT approach.

We, and our international training partners, will train the specialist practitioners in your organization that you will need to get it done.

The scheme is presented as four certifications that help you understand the fundamentals then three practitioner certifications follow, helping those who will lead transformation during different stages of the transformation journey.

We specifically designed it in a way that not everyone in the organization needs to do all of the courses. Courses and certifications are role-based, and focus on the role someone will play in the transformation journey!

Agile ADapT™ is not only an approach – it is also a community. 

Get free access to the Agile ADapT Community portal when you get ADapT Certified!

You will find interesting articles, case studies, the community ask and answer section, mentoring opportunities and much more!


As a Professional Consultant and Coach you get access to the Professional part of the community portal, with features not available to all. In addition to the normal content, this is also a place where you can plan your career progression and get career advice.

 You also get 50 to 75% discounts on micro-credentials, workshops, conferences, books etc.

Become an ADapT Certified CONSULTANT & COACH!


What if your goal is not internal to one organization?

What if you want to use ADapT credentials to specialize as a transformational consultant and help organizations with digital transformation or business agility or even to become more innovative and help them build awesome digital age products, services and capabilities?


By becoming a professional ADapT community, you will be able to present customers with demonstrable proof that you not only know the theory, but can apply ADapT and help them deliver on your promise to them.

Three Professional Consultant Credentials can be applied for PLUS the top-tier professional credential that can be earned is the ADapT Agile Transformation Master-Coach.