At the beginning of 2021, we decided to share all the insights we had when developing ADapT publicly and for free. I started posting insights as articles in Medium and also spruced up the Agile ADapT LinkedIn Group.

New articles will continually drip-feed to these two channels, and we encourage you to join the Agile ADapT LinkedIn group and become part of the community.

So you may ask, what is the commercial model behind ADapT?

We are busy building a partner network of accredited professionals who can help organizations with digital transformation and building business agility. Professionals skills are validated and they have received intense training, coaching, and practical guidance to help organizations use/apply the NINE-STEP TRANSFORMATION METHOD we developed.

What is more, Accredited Professionals each also an assigned mentor, who can back them up when things get tricky.

To formally become part of the Agile ADapT family and broaden your horizons – pop me a mail


Johann Botha

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