1st ADapT Book available

The first ADapT book is here and available from the 27th of October 2021 on Amazon.

Written for industrial age organizations struggling with the digital age and new realities of a post pandemic world.

This book is about digital transformation; it is BUSINESS FOCUSED and NON-TECHNICAL.
Any CxO can, with NO technical or IT background can start using this book, make a positive impact On their organization immediately!

Grow revenue, reduce cost and have customers who are raving fans!

This is what people say about this book:

  • Perfect for the challenge CXOs face during the Digital Transformation journey. Sun Zhenpeng, Chairperson – CN & NL
  • It covers so much ground that it is really useful all the way through to the very last page! Mark Biebuyck, Director, – UK & US
  • I have learned a lot by reading this book… Nikola Gaydarov, Director Digital Transformation– BG
  • What you have done here is demystify Digital ‘Transformation’ David Barrow, Managing Director, – UK
  • It is a wonderfully straightforward presentation of each step an organization needs to employ to succeed on its Digital Transformation journey. Allen Dixon, ESDM – US
  • ‘Competing in a digital future’ is profoundly relevant and timely. David Cannon, Executive, Consultant & best-selling author – US

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